About Us

It all started with our love of vegan food, all things colourful and the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Now we are here, "Fully Loaded", with a mission to feed you with plants and perhaps a little bit of fun!

Located in the Rylands, Beeston, Feed Me! Fully Loaded serves a range of loaded dishes, including Hot Dogs, Fries, Milkshakes and more. All vegan and served with fun, in a bright colourful setting.

We are dog friendly, cashless and can't wait to see you!

How it started?

Back in April 2018, Wife and Husband team (Jo and Lee), started Feed Me! serving vegan fast food and cookies at Sneinton vegan market. Both of us loved creating dishes, preparing everything for the events and seeing peoples reactions to our food. In December 2018 things took a cold turn, literally. Standing outside in freezing cold temperatures was nowhere near as fun! So we began looking at how we could do this in our own place. 

Fast forward to December 2019, after multiple failed lease negotiations, we found it. And in February 2020 we opened our doors for the first time.

3 weeks later the country locked down for Covid...

So after a year of being open, closed, take out and isolating we are back and waiting to serve all our customers again.